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It let me screenshot RIGHT after I uploaded, of course.

But here’s a more readable version of my settings.

  1. To import files you wanna animate, select file —>Import —> File (Or multiple files if you have a lot)
  2. Choose your files— if you open it as a PSD, you can import the layers and just have them snap to your bg layer with no quality loss between programs
  3. Once you get it all animated, your timeline will look something like this
  4. These are my render settings— basically the default.
  5. This is my output settings— I usually choose video for Windows because it’s a small file.  Quicktime movie would be best for higher quality use though. If you have audio, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE AUDIO BOX AT THE BOTTOM.
  6. What the render settings area looks like before I hit the magic movie button.  B)
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