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iTunes deleted all of my playlists.

iTunes deleted ALL of my playlists.


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    Petty. Unless your iPod is one of the newer models, iTunes is not the answer. Rockbox is the answer. //
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    Urfff this is why I stopped buying music from Apple years ago and I never, ever update my iTunes. A few years back I let...
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    I haven’t had to rebuy songs at all because everything, and I mean everything, I’ve ever purchased on itunes is on the...
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    Grooveshark. Look it up. That is all.
  8. morphogenetics said: my playlists for my iPod are still on my iPod but don’t show up on my computer until I plug in my iPod
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  10. dragontummys said: that is why i never update itunes you silly goose
  11. maidenpool said: Oh my god I’m so sorry. Godspeed.
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    iTunes mentioned a few years back that they were going to change the prices in increments, so they’ve been doing it for...
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    Fucking hell, I’ve been seeing a lot of this shit ever since one of the recent itunes updates. Since I don’t have custom...
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    It did that to me too! I was so mad! But, at least it gave me a chance to organize my music folder… XD
  15. monkeyaround92 said: NIOOOOOOOOooooooooOoo. I am a playlist ENTHUSIAST THIS IS AWFUL
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