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"Once upon a time, an egg hatched. But instead of being a bird, it was a Pettyartist. The birds got mad at her, but then she was saved by a wizard. They then flew off into Hogwarts where Pettyartist was raised as a Ravenclaw (since she was almost a bird) until she found her true calling was Hufflepuff. The end."


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May 30 '13

National Zoo— Turtles

That snapper was just patiently waiting for food… like little girl hands.  >:D

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  8. sleepthinks said: that snapper is TERRIFYING
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    The turtle has da booty?
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    I couldn’t really get a good shot of him— he was turned around so I would have gotten a booty shot.
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    You needed a picture of the Matamata. That dude was cool. And we were just there last week…