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Petty Art

"Once upon a time, an egg hatched. But instead of being a bird, it was a Pettyartist. The birds got mad at her, but then she was saved by a wizard. They then flew off into Hogwarts where Pettyartist was raised as a Ravenclaw (since she was almost a bird) until she found her true calling was Hufflepuff. The end."


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Dec 9 '13
This is gonna be SO MUCH water man

This is gonna be SO MUCH water man

34 notes Tags: all water all the time tentacruel pokemon nuzlocke WIP

  1. the-learned-hand said: Is that Gam Gromps I see playing in the background, Petty? Great!
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  3. profkayton said: Look its a pumbloom!
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  6. sonsofsauron said: At least you’re not in Hoenn :D
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