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Don’t you wish your Skyrim was sexy like mine?

Well now you too can use the mods I use to make Skyrim super-replayable and gorgeous to look at, with minimal FPS loss!

Under the cut, I have compiled a list of mod links that I use and recommend.

Most of them are merely aesthetic, some add items or features to the game, others are just plain silly.

Most importantly, ALL of these mods should work with Vanilla Skyrim!

Which is great because Skyrim is only $4.99 on Steam right now!  ($13.99 with all mods included!)

So without further ado… Here’s my mods collection!


And then this: ß A UI overhaul for Skyrim to make it more streamlined.  You need to install SKSE As well! (download the installer and run it and it will auto install all you need!)

OK now for the fun stuff:


  1. Bellyache’s Creatures Retexture Pack (makes all the animals more natural looking and have variation in color/patterns)
  2. Bellyache’s New Dragon Species (Adds new dragon species with retextures to the game- STANDALONE will not replace vanilla dragons)
  3. Retextures vanilla dragons to make them more colorful and vibrant
  4. Makes ore veins glow different colors so you can actually SEE them
  5. Adds and retextures armored circlets in the games to make them SHINEY
  6. Fixes the static mesh wireframes on all static objects (WARNING MAY REDUCE FPS— reinstall with the lite version if you experience bad lag)
  7. Retextures the dragon priest masks to make them unique to each other and resemble the ore they are made from
  8. Fixes the rain texture to make it real
  9. Adjusts height for genders and races to make everyone more believable and unique.  Bosmer are no longer as tall as Orcs!
  10. Adds RAPTOR FEETIES to argonians
  11. Better ember texture
  12. enhances the snow/rain so that your character has snow stick to them and get drippy wet when it’s raining
  13. Adds shooting stars to the night sky
  14. Makes some rocks mossy for variety
  15. Adds Rainbows to the sky after rains
  16. Enhances the overall look of the game
  17. Makes the Auroras actually show up
  18. Lush trees and Grass (WARNING MAY REDUCE FPS)
  19. Makes snow follow rules for sticking to things
  20. Makes the rugs in Skyrim actually nice looking and no longer an eyesore.
  21. Adds dynamic waves to the shores of Skyrim
  22. Adds depth of field
  23. Holy cow STARS
  24. Makes rocks look GOOOOOOD


  1. Makes dragon bones and scales lighter so you aren’t weighed down by dragon loot
  2. Faster Vanilla Horses.  Speeds up horses to make them worth having, but not unrealistically fast.
  3. Purely aesthetic— adds armor to the horses to add immersion to the game
  4. Whistle.  Calls your horse (if it’s alive) to you.
  5. Uncle Sheogorath’s Really Helpful Tips and Tricks.  You want this, trust me.  (Changes the loading screen texts to hilarious Sheogorath musings)
  6. Better Quest Objectives.  Wow, now you KNOW what they wanted without having to refer to a wiki!
  7. Craft Arrows!
  8. Fixes the buffs on the Gauldur amulet to make it worthwhile but not overpowered
  9. Dwarven Luggage— Adds a treasure chest on spidery legs to follow you around and carry your loot.
  10. Adds markers to crimson nirnroots for the quest
  11. Adds quest markers to the dragon priest masks
  12. Adds map markers to the Stones of Barenziah
  13. Adds a Map Marker to Skyforge
  14. Makes traps actually do REALISTIC damage— THEY WILL NOW KILL YOU PLEASE BE CAREFUL.
  15. Tells you if a book will teach you a skill before picking it up.
  16. Makes potions and poisons not weight 9573498 pounds each.
  17. Adds Map Markers to your followers on command.
  18. Villagers will now do the sensible thing and go indoors when a dragon attacks
  19. Skeletons are no longer just humanoid!  Adds Argonian and Khajiit skeletons to the game
  20. Improves the Daedric artifacts without overpowering them
  21. Midas Magic— craft spells!  Makes being a mage really unique!
  22. Player statue— ALL HAIL THE DOVAHKIIN
  23. Find out what that mine contains before you go digging around in there
  24. Get all your books on that shelf.  DO IT.
  25. Makes enemies level WITH you.  Keeps the game fresh and difficult.
  26. Adds a much-needed ladder to the thieves guild
  27. Makes having that follower actually worth it.
  28. Wear circlets with hoods.  Cause why not?
  29. Add climate-appropriate weather to the game!
  30. Adds loot to dragons to make hunting worth it
  31. Replaces one of the kids at the orphanage with a Khajiit boy.  (Hearthfire possibly required)
  32. Adds flocks of birds


  1. Sounds of Skyrim (wilds).  Adds ambient wild grasslands sounds to the open plains of skyrim.
  2. Sounds of Skyrim (Dungeons).  Adds creepy sounds to Dungeons.
  3. Sounds of Skyrim (Civilizations).  Adds hustle and bustle of people noises to cities and towns.


  1. Scout Armor (Humanoid races only)
  2. Super Lore-Friendly Hair
  3. 15 Standalone Warpaints
  4. Adds wearable lanterns to the game
  5. Adds craftable bandoliers that increase your carrying capacity
  6. Make your mage a badass
  7. More lore-friendly hair
  8. Adds a whole bunch of new weapon types like staves and mauls!
  9. Adds a new mage armor to the game
  10. Adds new eye colors and makes everything HD textured
  11. Adds Sabre cat armor


(Download these from the steam workshop)

  1. Adds more crafting recipes to the game and fixes the categorization of some armors to make it make more sense
  2. Adds COLORED DRAGONSCALE ARMOR to the game with stats based off the dragons they come from.
  3. Removes the helmet requirement from the light and heavy armor perks
  4. Introduced craftable clothing using dyes and lore-friendly gathering (You mean all those linen wraps can be USEFUL??)
  5. Reduces the time needed to spawn dragons in-game.  WARNING— YOU MAY BE GANGED UP ON BY MULTIPLE DRAGONS.
  6. Makes the pickaxe and wood axe lighter
  7. Lighter Alchemy ingredients.  Suddenly that butterfly wing doesn’t weigh 5 pounds!
  8. Adds map icons for fast travel to purchasable houses in Skyrim
  9. SUPER USEFUL— makes the merchants of skyrim’s wallets level up WITH you so they can actually buy your loot.
  10. Adds the remaining needed smithing tools to Skyforge so you have everything you need right there.  Also adds a chest where you can stash your smithing stuff.
  11. Combines all the dragon priest masks’ abilities into Konahrik’s mask like it should
  12. Enhances night vision for night-seeing races.  Makes them each unique and distinct.
  14. Now you know if a book will start a quest before picking it up!
  15. Add some armor to your mage and stay lore-friendly!
  16. Makes being the archmage WORTH it!
  17. Fixes the horrible rendering of the wood fires and chopping blocks in Skyrim so they no longer glow
  18. Adds shout perks to the speech skill tree
  19. Fixes the flower texture so they are flowers not splotches
  20. shows the race bonus in the description during character creation


They’re both follower mods, but one is a marriageable Khajiit soooooo…

  1. Lalana— 2H Redguard female warrior
  2. Zahraji— Marriageable Female Khajiit Warrior

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