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I opened photoshop and the rough for this was in there.

So I quickly finished it.

It’s Scrunchy’s fault.

No regrets, just Damian’s beautiful voice.

20,191 plays


3x4 Glee Cast - Bein’ Green 

Sung by: Damian McGinty (Rory)

Damian your voice

We get to hear him sing Blue Christmas


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That is the best face I have ever seen I can’t get over it

He should get an oscar for that face

I feel like I also need to add this,


sdfhgfdg you cannot fathom how excited for Damian I am

That boy is ADORABLE incarnate. dgjkhgkhg



Before you check out the spoiler, please read the following: I do not know how accurate this source is. Someone on tumblr sent this to me via submit, claiming to be an extra on the set of Glee. She also asked to remain nameless and that I post the spoiler myself so that she wouldn’t have to. (I imagine she doesn’t want to be the next Nicole Crowther, but who knows.) It’s not too spoilery, realistic enough and true to what other (and actually legitimate) sources have told me, so I’d like to believe that this is true but, then again, you can never be certain. I don’t know who this person is, let alone if they’re actually an extra on the set of Glee, so take the spoiler with a teeny tiny grain of salt and don’t get your hopes up too high. It’s just as likely to be fake as it is to be real. (Shrugs.) 

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I want this Klaine spoiler to be true like you do NOT know.  It would be SUCH a fun side of Blaine to see, and something we really haven’t gotten from him before.  And the fact that it’s with Kurt, his boyfriend, makes it that much better!!!

^^^ I HEARTILY agree with that.  plus it’s going to be SO hilarious if it happens.

Also, I’m super excited for the Rory story arc in this season— it’s shaping up to be a wonderful kind of train wreck for the three characters involved.


submitted by  ageman225

This is something my friend did for the Glee Project :].

kjhdfjkh Damiaaaannnn

And dat Cameron.  <3

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This is what he was really thinking.


This is what he was really thinking.

That was the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed.

Or I will be severely disappointed in you, boy.