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Buy a shotgun!


Hahaha I almost missed making this on time.  ; w ;

Now I just need your address so I can send this (plus a little extra something silly) to you!


It’s funny, because I’m not into the bearded-mountain-man look at all, so I head-tilted at those girls for about two seconds before I remembered that it’s Darren, and yes.

dfkjsgkljdfkj oh my god it IS Darren

Darren you look like a bear

Jeeeeesus.  XD



Darren Criss Plays Theater Games with Team StarKid

LOL for days. This dork, I can’t even.

N.A.P. was my favorite game.

(via daxterdd)

This is my favorite picture of him— the COLORS are so great.

This is my favorite picture of him— the COLORS are so great.

(via daxterdd)


Darren Criss’s opening number at the 2012 Audience Awards

(via daxterdd)

It’s his last night on Broadway! 

I did this quick 30-minute sketch to celebrate— he did such a fantastic job!

I’m 90% sure I passed mama and papa Criss waiting for a table as we exited the pizza place we ate at.

I made eye contact with this woman and was thinking “Why does she look familiar?” and as we exited, it clicked and I turned to see who she was with and it LOOKED like them.

So that was pretty neat. XD

I am not saying this as a Darren fan (you should all know me better than that- a good actor/singer a good musical does not make, it just helps) I’m saying it as an avid musicals fan.

The choreography was brilliant, the script was EXTREMELY witty and humorous and Darren really did a wonderful job holding his own on the stage (he was washed out a tad in the duets between Finch and Rosemary, but it wasn’t bad overall).

Besides the usual EXTREMELY rude people leaving during Brotherhood of Man to get to the meet and greet first, this was an absolute delight to see. TOTALLY worth $130 for the show.

I hope Darren gets called back to Broadway in the future for more musicals like this- he really shined on that stage tonight and you can tell he missed lived shows so dearly.

I would totally have seen it again if I had the money and the shows weren’t sold out!


Oh my god.


Oh my god.



Curtain call

OMG, Darren I’m so proud and this is so amazing and just OMFG.

Eeeeeeeee baby you’re a Broadway star nowwwww