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I LOVE this whole swapping character thing!!!

So these are the *rumoured* swaps!

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Darren playing Joe though

My faaace

I scanned it in— here’s a hi-res, better version of that Glee paperchild chain!

(in case it won’t show it here: )

Wheeee!  All done!

This is a GIANT (about 4 foot long) paperchild chain commissioned by the lovely munkeyyy!

Click on the links below to see closeups of them!

(Warning, my mom’s camera BITES.  They look WAY better in person, trust me.)

In order of appearance:

Will and Brad

Finn and Rachel


Brittany and Santana

Kurt and Blaine


Mike and Tina

Artie and Mercedes

Dave and Sam

Beiste and Matt



Hi res, better version:

Mom: What did you name your little dancing plant again?

Me: Finnegan.

Mom: Ah, I knew it was something like that.

Dad: …He dances like him.

Me: Who?

Dad: Finn.

Me: kdjfhgjkhkgjdfg

Dad: You should make him a paper “CAN’T DANCE” shirt.


but why has someone not drawn finn as a t-rex yet

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We got this idea during my stream of AVPS last night

Reblogging cause it’s relevant again

Every time Finn and Kurt argue I just want to cry and hug them.

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I made a Darren one too.

Someone probably already made these before but whatever.  XD

We got this idea during my stream of AVPS last night