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Petty Art

"Once upon a time, an egg hatched. But instead of being a bird, it was a Pettyartist. The birds got mad at her, but then she was saved by a wizard. They then flew off into Hogwarts where Pettyartist was raised as a Ravenclaw (since she was almost a bird) until she found her true calling was Hufflepuff. The end."


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Sep 18 '12

buyavowel replied to your photo: Gijinkas of ATHENA and Riley (Shoeless’ Charizard…

I LOVE this version of Athena. Perfect Feraligatr gijinka :3

She’s such a basassypants (that’s badass/sassypants, btw) that I couldn’t help but give her the look to match the ‘tude.

5 notes Tags: buyavowel leather vests and leather pants tattoos and piercings I bet Riley digs the tongue one -wink wink nudge nudge-

Sep 15 '12

buyavowel replied to your video: H e l p

oh god i do NOT remember this one crrryingg

I’m like

working and listening to these episodes

and then things like thios happen

and I start crylaughingdflgkjhggh

Tags: buyavowel

Sep 9 '12

buyavowel replied to your photo: Oops eskimo kisses

You’re killing me here. KILLING ME WITH CUTE.


1 note Tags: buyavowel

Sep 5 '12

buyavowel said: I can’t get over how CUTE he is, ajsdasjd. Look at his adorable dorky face ahhh <3

fkjshskjdfh he is the biggest dork (as if you couldn’t tell from his attire) and they’re just such a cutie couple and augh I just like drawing these twooooo

I like happy couples.  ; w ;

3 notes Tags: plus I gave him freckles all over his face and arms which makes him SUPER cuter eeeeep buyavowel

Sep 1 '12

buyavowel replied to your photo: NCHG— BONUS COMIC- Apologies by *pettyartist…

Oh god that fourth panel //weeping

Right in your feels.

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Jun 13 '12

buyavowel replied to your post: I like how half of these notes are asking for permission for things that don’t need my permission.

is it okay if i comment here on this post



5 notes Tags: buyavowel

Apr 10 '12

buyavowel replied to your photo: Shirt 3/3

jfhsdjfhd omg PETTY this one is hilarious

I can’t decide if I’m going to wear it tomorrow at work, since I have to clean all the bird cages….

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Jan 10 '12

buyavowel replied to your photo: Waaaaatson. :D

Two adorable peeps in one photo! C:

Fffff he’s the only peep— for obvious reasons.  :>

Tags: buyavowel

Dec 1 '11

buyavowel said: YES! Congratulations! Those ferrets sound so adorable already *g*

I’m so excited, omg— I just love ferrets so much.  ; w ;

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Oct 18 '11

buyavowel replied to your post: So my senior year animation got into a film festival.

AHHH, congratulations! :D

Thank you!  I’m super excited!  :DDD

Tags: buyavowel

Aug 12 '11

12 notes Tags: saltpixie Jetsamjunk lockdown-lockout ninasaurus-rex theselittlethingsaremine Jshark111 Nerditout polarseiga carrieannharper yurbledoodleberg zannyhyper Shoelesscosmonaut landwalker padnote buyavowel kynimdraws qknc ampheeross galacticenkidulga tropicalwind crunchtastic bechnokid joutei randomsplashes help-help jpierrepontcriss staelus blaineisapizza steph-a-doodle chatterboxrose

Aug 1 '11

buyavowel asked:

Petty, I hope you are feeling better. I just wanted to let you know I'm so glad to have gotten to know you better via tumblr, because I am full of admiration for you and just how chill and friendly you are <3 Hang in there man!

Ugh, how are you so quality?  <3

Thank you.  <333

Tags: buyavowel petty love

Jul 14 '11

buyavowel asked:

I ASSUME YOU ARE QUALITY (except not with dem birds)


Tags: buyavowel ask