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Paper Troubletones!

Part of a HUGE commission from munkeyyy (that was SUPER overdue due to problems on both our ends!  Augh!  Thankyouforputtingupwithmeeee)

This is part of the HUGE set, which includes the HUGE Glee paperchild chain, a Paper Rory and a Paper Sue.  :)

You quality commissioner, you.  XD

I scanned it in— here’s a hi-res, better version of that Glee paperchild chain!

(in case it won’t show it here: )

Wheeee!  All done!

This is a GIANT (about 4 foot long) paperchild chain commissioned by the lovely munkeyyy!

Click on the links below to see closeups of them!

(Warning, my mom’s camera BITES.  They look WAY better in person, trust me.)

In order of appearance:

Will and Brad

Finn and Rachel


Brittany and Santana

Kurt and Blaine


Mike and Tina

Artie and Mercedes

Dave and Sam

Beiste and Matt



Hi res, better version:

 munkeyyy said: OK BECAUSE ASKS AND SUBMITS AREN’T WORKING… I DID! I spent like the last 10 minutes trying to reply but I keep getting an error…. I said, “Ok, can you make her after Sam though? :)”


And yes I can do that.  :D

Want me to pick Bieste’s outfit or do you have one in mind?  XD

(not that there’s much variety in her wardrobe)

munkeyyy replied to your post: Hey guys—

How can I contact you? Can I use that email?

Just send me a note here on tumblr— you can use the submit link (the one that says send me stuff) on my blog.  :D