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hrhchriscolferThis year for Halloween I decided to go as a character whose sex appeal is always ignored…I’m Sexy R2D2!

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“@W#$TWERYJ#$%&!!!” — Carson Phillips imitates a keysmash.

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Chris Colfer On The Fan Reaction To ‘Klaine’s’ Break Up and SBL

Chris cracks me up

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Chris Colfer & Lea Michele - FOX LOUNGE (x)


kjfgdjhj Chris trying to protect himself with that dinky fan BABY

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More like:

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Insider: Not to get too personal, but how tight are we talking? Did you need to douse yourself in baby powder to get into it?
Chris: There was no room for personal, if you catch my drift [laughs]. But there was baby powder. And I have to say, when you’re singing and dancing all day in a leather onesie, it starts to smell. I don’t have B.O. typically but I actually put a car air freshener inside the jumpsuit and it stained my skin. I had a little yellow Christmas tree on my stomach for a good week! Just in time for the holidays [laughs].

oh my god.  XD

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